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  • How often do you take on new authors?
    Anytime. All the time. Show us what you've got!
  • I want to submit my story. Do I have to pay anything?
    Absolutely not. We will never ask for any money, require you to buy books, refer you to a third party for editing, etc. We are not a vanity press. If your novel engulfs our attention, and we love your manuscript, we’re willing to put our time and money into the project to make it sell. If any other publisher, or agent wants money from you, our advice is to turn and run.
  • How much would I see in royalties, and are they Net or Gross?"
    We’re not able to put up actual contract numbers. This would be a private discussion to tailor the contract to best fit your manuscript. That said: we are very competitive when we offer a contract. We will pay you starting with the first book you sell (i.e. you start making money the moment people buy your book). There are many independent publishers that pay on net profits, which means you might not see a dime if they don’t recoup production costs. Some presses pay royalties on net profits by putting out great books, and do pay their writers, but we want to be as inviting as possible so we can be as selective as possible.
  • Do I need an agent?
    No, though if you do have one who submits to us, it helps to distinguish if a submission has been vetted. We welcome all independent levels from first-timers to advanced writers. Have your main focus be, “Is my story great?” If the answer is yes and it meets our submission criteria, send it in.
  • Do you pay authors in advance?
    At this time it is a case by case scenario. We can provide financial assistance for the creative/production stages. We can’t offer a competitive advance compared to giant publishing houses, but we’ll begin to have advances available mid 2022.
  • Do you take international submissions?
    yes we do. We're all neighbors.
  • Are your books printed, or solely ebooks?"
    Both. Ebooks will initially be available, and further marketed to print. We’ll also have audiobook options available for the author.
  • How do I submit my manuscript?
    Please send all manuscripts (with your name and book title in the subject line) to
  • Am I able to purchase your books online?
    Yes. In addition to being available on our website, our books can be purchased on IndieBound, Barnes & Noble (NOOK), Amazon (KDP), facebook marketplace, Kobo, Apple (iBooks Author), and google play. We hope you’ll consider purchasing your 8th & Atlas title directly from us or our distributor. It’s the best way to support both the press and our authors.
  • I’m having trouble placing my order or using the site. Whom should I contact?
    Please write to us at We’ll be glad to help.
  • I’m considering reviewing an 8th & Atlas Publishing title. Who should I contact?
    Feel free to email our info account requesting a review title. We aim to respond to queries as soon as possible.
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