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Around the Cul-de-sac is a rollicking short story collection that charts the inner workings of Sydney Lagunilla, a kid growing up in the ‘90s who views trespassing on her neighbors’ properties as doing them a favor. In this work of realistic fiction, the Central Florida native finds a way to skirt a standardized test worksheet, and in an above-ground pool, acts out the farewell floating door scene in Titanic. Sydney’s ruling passions undergo rapid shifts, occupying her time with rowboat adventures or whatever sport features in the latest (now nostalgic) family comedy. She could be catching lizards one moment, then staging a performance of the 1996 Grammy Nominees album in the next. The 16 stories are magnetic and will leave readers bemused through seriously funny and honest narration.


This is the debut short stories collection by emerging humor writer Christina De Paris.


Editorial Reviews 


"In this witty collection, Sydney, a kid growing up in Florida, finds herself in one suburban adventure after another. From casual neighborhood trespassing to romance at the skating rink, these stories deliver big on humor and ’90s nostalgia." - BookBub

"The beauty of Around the Cul-de-sac is in how well it illustrates everyday situations, whether light-hearted or serious, while also framing these events and messages with subtle, tasteful humor. The colourful protagonist leading the action with flair and laughs is the cherry on the cake. Overall, this book is a pleasant and intriguing read that adults can enjoy as much as young readers." - Electra Nanou; Reedsy Discovery


ebook ISBN: 978-1-7377181-0-9

print ISBN: 978-1-7377181-2-3

Around the Cul-de-sac (paperback)

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