In their first published poetry collection, Storm Lover and Hannah Bevis explore the complicated nature of being two queer women finding their way in a relentless world. These poems will take you on a journey through all kinds of love, heartbreaks, feelings of loneliness, mental roadblocks, and non-traditional sexualities. As they unravel the stitching of their own lives, putting themselves on display, Storm and Hannah hope other folks will feel just a little less alone while reading along.


Editorial Reviews:


"A delightful collection of poetry that tells stories of life and living, struggle and heartbreak, and self-love and authenticity in ways that feel like an intimate heart-to-heart with a good friend." Goodreads Review; Emily Nepomuceno 



print ISBN: 978-1-7377181-4-7

ebook ISBN: 978-1-7377181-5-4


Just Be - paperback

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