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En Sacando Mis Papeles, Isabel Carrasco guía a los lectores a comprender cómo es la vida rural y urbana para quienes crecen en la frontera entre República Dominicana y Haití, proporcionando una percepción valiosa de la convivencia de dos naciones vecinas. 

The English version will be available in 2023.

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Poetry that will take you on a journey
through all kinds of love, heartbreaks,
feelings of loneliness, mental roadblocks,
and non-traditional sexualities.

"In this witty collection, Sydney, a kid growing up in Florida, finds herself in one suburban adventure after another. From casual neighborhood trespassing to romance at the skating rink, these stories deliver big on humor and ’90s nostalgia."

– BookBub

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8th & Atlas Publishing is a family-run independent press established in 2020. Our mission is to extend the cultural and creative spirit of the publishing industry. We aim to achieve this by presenting bold works of literary merit penned by an international community of champion writers. 

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